A rare glimpse into the rehearsal process.

In this video: Part public rehearsal and part armchair master class, Sarah Curro String Quartet comes together to take a string quartet composed by Austrian composer Joseph Haydn from first glance through to the first performance in front of a live audience in the Centre’s Salon. This video presents a snapshot of key insights from the process in an original concept devised by Melbourne Festival as part of the ‘Haydn for Everyone’ program (2013-2015).

About Musical Explorations: Musical Explorations is an opportunity to witness the craft of professional musicianship up close and personal, revealing new insights and details about what makes music work as well as the effect it has on our mind and wellbeing.

Learning Keywords: Joseph Haydn, string quartet, composition, rehearsal, performance, classical music, musicianship.

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  1. Brian Long

    Good start. I thought it could be longer.

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