‘[Her] songs of perseverance and desperation… should have Natalie Carolan on the path to being recognised as one of not just Melbourne’s but Australia’s emerging songwriting talents.’ – The Revue

In this video: Melbourne musician and vocalist Natalie Carolan performs songs from her debut album I Sleep, accompanied by Christian Meyer and Leonard Grigoryan on guitar and Luke Howard on piano in the intimate Salon.

About Natalie Carolan: Rarely we encounter female artists whose voice and lyrics exhibit the quality of being understated, vulnerable and yet powerful. Melbourne musician, Natalie Carolan is one such artist. Without having to over adorn her vocals, Natalie Carolan’s unique, dream-like sound melt into her melodic driven songs. I Sleep is an innovative debut, full of hauntingly beautiful vocals and lush sound palettes. Heartfelt, delicate melodies are combined with contemporary pop elements to create a pleasingly unique and fresh sound.

Learning Keywords: Performance, Live Performance, original composition, songwriting

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