In this video: Discover melancholic themes and ground-breaking works performed by the award-winning Syzygy Ensemble.

Debussy’s Violin Sonata — among the sonatas he prophetically dubbed ‘tombstones’ — hints at sounds he was unable to explore. Here, Turnage and Kurtag contribute their own tombstones — Turnage writes a moving elegy, while Kurtag embeds secret references in his tribute to Robert Schumann.

About Syzygy Ensemble: One of the finest new music ensembles in Australia, Syzygy is lauded for their virtuoso precision, innovative programming, and the ability to connect viscerally with their audiences.


Claude Debussy 00:10
Sonata for Violin and Piano in G minor

Mark Anthony Turnage 14:30
Cortege for Chris

Catherine Sullivan 19:36

Lachlan Skipworth 22:40
The Crossing sextet with audio playback

George Kurtag 30:57
Hommage a Schumann

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