In this video: Saxophonist Justin Kenealy and pianist Coady Green unite as Duo Eclettico, two award-winning Australian artists showcasing a dazzling array of virtuosic music for this rarely heard combination of instruments.

With works by living Australian composers Katy Abbott, John Carmichael, Justin Kenealy’s own original Bach transcription and the vibrant French masterpiece, Paule Maurice’s Tableaux de Provence, this concert offers insights into an eclectic and colourful range of music that is not often heard on the classical concert circuit.

Click here to learn more about Katy Abbott.

Click here to learn more about John Carmichael.


PAULE MAURICE (1910-1967)
Tableaux de Provence
I Dance of the Young Girls
II Song for My Love
III The Gypsy
IV A Sigh on the Souls for the Alyscamps
V The Bumblebee

KATY ABBOTT (b. 1971) 00:14:46

JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH (1685-1750) – arr. Kenealy 00:25:07
Violin Concerto in A minor, BWV 1041
I [no tempo indication]
II Andante
III Allegro assai

MATTHEW HINDSON (b. 1968) 00:38:21
Ignition: Positive

JOHN CARMICHAEL (b. 1930) 00:45:05
Latin American Dances
I Joropo (Venezuela/Colombia)
II Obsession: Habañera (Havana)
III Bahama Rhumba (The Caribbean)
IV Jongo (Brazil)

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