In this video: 1966 was the year Keith Humble returned to Melbourne after a long stay in Europe. The improvisations and graphic scores of mid-1960s were regarded by the conservative elements of the contemporary music scene as being too experimental. Structures presents some of these exciting works, and aims to reproduce the atmosphere that Humble established at the monthly concerts/workshops in the Grainger Museum, where composition was presented as a process rather than a product.

Along with Keith Humble’s collection of raw sonic material in Music for Monuments, Ensemble Density traces the musical experimentation of Melbourne mid-1960s improvising trio Robert Rooney, Barry McKimm and Syd Clayton. Structures recreates an atmosphere that Humble established at workshops in the Grainger Museum, and directed by Charles MacInnes, audience members will be invited to contribute ideas and sounds toward the creation of a new work for performance.

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KEITH HUMBLE (1927-1995)
Music for Monuments

ROBERT ROONEY (1937-2017) 00:05:03
Second Landscape Duos

BARRY McKIMM (b. 1941) 00:17:59

CHARLES MacINNES (b. 1966) 00:21:09

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