About this video: This concert represents all that is ‘current’ in Australian chamber music, performance and composition. In every sense of the word, the music is electric, alive and of the present day. Seminal Australian composers Matthew Hindson, Elena Kats-Chernin, Daniel Rojas and Matthew Orlovich represent the diversity and depth of Australian music.

About Nexas Quartet: Formed in 2002, Nexas Quartet are focused on promoting the musical diversity of the saxophone, showcasing its versatility and ability to cross genres. The group’s success comes from a combination of personalities, virtuosic saxophone skills, and an ability to program concerts of a wide appeal that has seen the musicians perform in a multitude of settings. This unique approach has enabled Nexas Quartet to perform throughout Australia and internationally, performing a diverse repertoire that reflects their artistic direction. Ranging from transcriptions, standard and contemporary repertoire, to collaborations with theatre companies and premiering and commissioning new works.  At the forefront of chamber music, Nexas Quartet are leaders in promoting existing and creating new repertoire for the saxophone quartet. Click here to discover more.


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