In this video: Delight in fine music by female composers from Romantic to the contemporary that draws on the beauty of nature and dance.

About the artists: Formed as a piano trio in 2008, Strelitzia is a vibrant young ensemble enjoying praise for innovative programs ranging from classical to world, jazz and modern dance music. Strelitzia is deeply committed to promoting Australian music by both emerging and established composers and has commissioned and premiered many new works.


Piano Trio

JENNIFER HIGDON (b. 1962) 00:08:23
Piano Trio
I Pale Yellow
II Fiery Red

ALICIA GRANT (b. 1978) 00:23:34
Lighthouse for piano trio

FANNY MENDELSSOHN (1805-1847) 00:27:57
Piano Trio in D minor, Op.11
I Allegro molto vivace
II Andante espressivo
III Lied: Allegretto
IV Finale: Allegretto moderato

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