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About this video: Formed in 2008, Strelitzia is a vibrant chamber ensemble featuring Lucy Warren (violin), Eleanor Betts (cello) and Michael Curtain (piano) which has been widely praised for its innovative and eclectic programming. The ensemble is deeply committed to promoting Australian music by both emerging and established composers, and female composers of the past and present.

Strelitzia Ensemble performs two contrasting yet perfectly complementary piano trios that grapple with the notion of conflicting personas and artifice. Both Robert Schumann and Lera Auerbach have been heavily involved in literary writing as well as composing, with Schumann well known for the two imaginary personas (Florestan and Eusebius) that he used in his work as a music critic. In the varied moods of The Mirror Has Three Faces, Russian-American composer Lera Auerbach, herself an acclaimed poet, uses the unfolding of a hinged mirror as a metaphor for a story in three parts. The portrait that emerges asks us: ‘Are these three facets of the same person, or three separate images?’



Lera Auerbach (b. 1973)
Piano Trio No.2, Triptych – This Mirror Has Three Faces

I. Prelude (Left Exterior Panel)
II. First Unfolding (Left Interior Panel)
III. Second Unfolding (Right Interior Panel)
VI. Tell’em What You See (Three Faces – Centre Panel)
V. Folding – Postlude (Right Exterior Panel)


Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
Piano Trio No.3 in G minor, Op.110
Bewegt, doch nicht zu rasch – Rascher
Ziemlich langsam – Etwas bewegter – Schneller – Erstes Tempo Rasch
Kräftig, mit Humor

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