About this video: In 2019, Syzygy Ensemble celebrated turning 10 and reflected on what it means to turn, grow and change.

Do songs need words? Does a piece with words need to be a ‘song’? How big must a piece be to share a message? The Ensembles delves deep into the relationship between words and music, exploring these questions, sharing new discoveries and taking you along for a most fascinating musical journey.

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Stur in Dur (1998) Solo piano

Elliot CARTER 00:04:27
Epigram No.10 (2012)
Piano trio vln, vcl, pno

Tristan MURAIL 00:06:03
Unanswered Questions (1995) solo flute

Elliot CARTER 00:10:36
Epigram No.7 (2012) Piano trio vln, vcl, pno

Pascal DUSAPIN 00:11:43
If (1984) solo clarinet

Elliot CARTER 00:17:25
Epigram No.2 (2012) Piano trio vln, vcl, pno

Tom HENRY 00:18:16
Towards Patmos (after Hölderlin) Quintet (fl, cl, vln, vcl, pno)

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